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I gave three quick tips to be more confident on my recent show Love, Life, Law of Attraction and True Beauty with Lisa M. Hayes. This show was awesome and you should definitely listen to the replay.

I gave three quick tips to being more confident. Here they are:

1. Set the intention to see/notice what makes you feel good. When you start looking it shows up. Have fun with it. Go on a treasure hunt to find when and where your brilliance shines.
2. Get rid of what doesn’t make you feel confident. Release those things that don’t add to your confidence. This can be a person or a pair of jeans. Let them go.
3. Focus on what you do like. Make an effort to expand that. One example of how to do this is when you’re putting on make-up. If you love your eyes, while you’re highlighting them think about their beauty and why you like them. As you focus on what you like about yourself, what you like about yourself will expand.

Listen to the complete show below!

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