Originally published at Loving Yourself University…

When you invest in self-love, you invest in an upgrade to all areas of your life. The life upgrade is the free bonus!  Below is just a sample of the good things that follow loving yourself. 

1.) Finances-The Universe can only be as good to you as you are to yourself. If you are looking to manifest more money into your life, start with loving yourself. In my Money Manifesting course coming up, I talk about a time I won a lot of money after focusing my day on loving myself. Your relationship with money is better when you’re loving yourself.

2.) Relationships-all your relationships will be upgraded when you love yourself more.  You have more to give, and you are more open to receiving when you are loving yourself. When you are not activating self-love, you aren’t giving from a well that is full, which means all that you give is actually something you need, hold onto. In that case you’re sacrificing. People feel that.  And no matter what they do, they can’t fix it. Only you can do that. It’s your responsibility to show up in your relationships and give from your over flow. You do that by loving yourself first.

3.) Enjoyment of life-Loving yourself (or lack of) impacts every experience in your life.  Coming from a place where you are filled and overflowing with self-love leads to better, more fulfilling experiences because you’re already full. This means you go into the experience not needing anything from it. All the good stuff goes into excess and your overflow. That overflow creates this radiance of pure joy.  How juicy would it be to walk around life like that?

This list could go on and on, because loving yourself (or not loving yourself) has a huge impact on every single thing in your life. If something isn’t flowing the way you’d like, the place to start is with self-love. It’s the juiciest kind of love and it creates the juiciest kind of results, a beautiful, joyful, fun, impactful life.