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5 Things Every Financial Savvy Gal Should Have

Your Own Bank Account

This seems simple, but I’m amazed at the women in my life who don’t have this.  Every woman should have some money of her own. Money often equals choice.  When you have an account of your own you’re always in a place to stay or leave your relationship. If there is something you really want you have the choice to get it. If you’re in a relationship, this isn’t a secret account.  It’s just an account with just your name on it.

IRA (Individual Retirement Account) or other retirement savings account-

I’m talking something outside your job.  Put the power and control of your future in your hands. Contribute to it. It’s great if you have a job that offers a 401K (make sure you’re contributing to that as well). However, often there is a vesting period or other factors you can’t control. Get yourself an IRA or other account so that you are actively contributing to your financial future.

When should you start? Now! It doesn’t matter your age. I started my IRA when I was 20, and sometimes I had to drop down to contributing only $25 a month (yes you can find places where you can contribute as little as $25 a month), but I’ve always contributed.  When you contribute to your financial future, you’re sending a message to the Universe that a strong financial future is important to you.  Talk to your tax person as well because contributing to a retirement account might give you some tax advantages as well.

Money set aside for fun-

Every girl needs to have fun. Having fun and enjoying your money is what it is all about. It’s a total loving yourself act to have some fun money.  Spend money on fun every month. Set aside an amount or a percentage. It doesn’t matter how big or small. Get creative and spend this money with intention and gusto. When I first made this a priority, my money started to go further as a whole.

Your dream fund-

What is your dream? Is it a car? House? Leaving your job? European vacation? Whatever it is, make a point to contribute to it.  It’s an investment in yourself and your happiness. By making it a point to contribute to it you’ll be amplifying the attraction vibe around it.

Contributing to your dreams is fun. When you actively do this, money becomes more fun. Energy (which is all money is) flows easier when things are fun.


You know that feeling when you had a wad of cash and all of a sudden you ask yourself, “Where did I spend all that money?”  Having a plan helps eliminate that on a larger scale.  A plan acts as a magnet to draw money where you want it to go. Often you don’t know what you spent that cash on and you wonder did I enjoy it?  It can feel like it just slipped away. The magnet of a plan helps keep the money where you want it to go.

Creating a plan helps you define and redefine your financial goals. It gets your body, mind and soul on the same financial page. In the same way, like attracts like, money attracts money. When you have money going to the places you want, it will attract more money to those same places.

Having a plan also takes some of the unknown of the equation. Unknown usually equates to fear on some level.  Keeping fear out of your money situation will only increase it’s flow and abundance.  For years, I had the, “Where did my money go?” thing going on. I spent money cause it was there and I didn’t have a full on plan of what I wanted.  Since I’ve become clear about what I want to create with my money it flows and sticks easier.