About 353 days ago, I finally let go of the condo I thought I wanted to buy and to live in. I had wanted that place for four years. I had planned on buying it four years before and right when I was ready interest rates went up a lot. So, I didn’t buy it and went back to saving more money because I wanted my payment plus the HOA to be $800 or less. Interest rates came back down, I had the down payment I wanted and my life settled enough to be ready to buy it. I called my realtor to tell him I was ready to make an offer. The place had been taken off the market the day before I called him. My realtor contacted the selling agent and he said they just took it off for a month, but they were going to put it back on. A month came and went and it didn’t go back on. My realtor even looked up the owner and sent him a letter stating I wanted to buy it.

We got no response, so I moved on. Nothing else like it came on the market. I eventually moved out of the building. About 18 months after I moved out of the building into a duplex where my sister lived downstairs and I lived upstairs, my sister decided to move to another part of town. The only reason I had left the heart of the city was to experience living so close to her. A few days before she told me she was moving I saw the condo that I had wanted fours years prior come on the market. It was more than it was before, but when she said she was moving I decided I was going to buy the place I had wanted.

My offer should have been a no brainer. I was going to pay cash and I wanted to close in 10 days because a friend was coming to help me turn my home into my living vision board. I wanted her to help me with my new place. For whatever reason the transaction was not easy. It was a roller coaster ride which eventually ended when they accepted another offer. I am a deliberate creator so I knew something was off and on one level I was ok letting it go because I knew it wasn’t a match, but on another level I was pissed. I really thought I wanted that place.

That place was a studio, and while I loved the studio I lived in for eight months prior to my current home, I love my current home SO much more. This home suits me. It’s bigger. It’s on a higher floor and I’m writing this in the perfect office space. This home is more me. It fits me and where I am going better much better than the place I thought I wanted.

When I found this place, I knew why the place I thought I wanted didn’t work out. It was what I thought I wanted, but it wasn’t a vibrational fit. I had already outgrown that place. I just didn’t know it yet. I see it happen a lot. My clients beat themselves up, like I was, because things don’t work out the way they think they want them to. They feel angry and let down like I was feeling. The truth is the only thing them or I can do is wait. Wait to see the reason you weren’t vibrationally aligned. So often people think they didn’t do a good enough job of aligning when in fact the alignment is off because they are at a higher vibration not a lower one. They, like me, actually did a better job of aligning.

Over the past three weeks, the same three weeks I was dealing with the other place last year, I have hosted friends from out of the country, and had other friends stay before they moved to another city. There was plenty of room and I enjoyed every minute of it. These last three weeks wouldn’t have been practical or possible in the place I thought I wanted. I also wouldn’t be in my fabulous office planning how I could host a workshop at my house right now if I was in the studio I thought I wanted.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out because something better, more you, more aligned is on it’s way.

Remind yourself something better is on it’s way and keep your eyes open!