I am Cassie Parks. I believe in infinite possibilities and that you have the power to create a life you love to wake up to every morning. I believe that takes dedication as opposed to work and that if you change your thoughts it’s a much easier journey.

I know for certain you can create a life you love to live because I have done it. I wake up every morning to the sun instead of an alarm. I travel to see people and places I adore when I want to. My schedule is mine to create.

It wasn’t always like this. I used to hit the snooze button 10x and then have an internal conversation to convince myself to get out of bed and head to work. I came home every night exhausted from working too hard and stressing too much. I carefully allocated my 4 weeks off around holidays to get the most time off in a row with the least of my PTO (paid time off) being used up.

I passed up experiences because I didn’t have the time to take off or because I couldn’t take off at that time of the month. I spent thousands of dollars and hours trying to get my business to “take off” without success, until recently.

Two years after leaving my corporate job I am making my monthly salary and then some doing what I love, which is helping people just like you to create a life and a business they love.

I am the best-selling author of The Champagne Life Series. I have programs that hundreds of people from around the world have gone through, but my most important accomplishments are when someone tells me, “Now, I know I get my happy every after” or I get an email that says, “My dream is coming true.”

I was put on this planet to help you see you can create whatever you desire in your life and your business. You can love your business and your life. You can have a full life while running a successful business enjoying every second of it. It can be easy and everything can flow toward exactly what you want. You too can get your happy every after.

My life is as abundant as my business. I have the time, money and energy to invest in the friends and family that I love. My life is full of experiences I once only dreamed of. I have the time to sit on my balcony or at my favorite champagne bar sipping champagne and loving my life. I perform improv on many Friday nights and spend a lot of Saturdays at the Korean spa.

I take a break around 2 pm to laugh at a rerun of Friends. I curl up on the couch with delight to watch The Fosters and Nashville. I take a walk, do yoga and drink coffee almost every day. I am more in love with myself and my life than I have ever been before.

There was a time when I never thought I would say that. I never suffered from an addiction, but there was a point I simply checked out of my life. After finding my way back, I am more appreciative of every experience I have and I get up each day with the intention to live it to the fullest. I cry when I hear the national anthem, see a soldier coming home, or find myself sitting the middle of an experience I once only dreamed of happening.

My super power is seeing you in your future life before you can see it. With that power comes the ability to hold the space for your to dance into your dream life. I’m ready to watch you dance. Are you ready to step on the floor?