One of the questions I get asked a lot is how I keep my vibe up. One way is that I have learned to rewrite the story and use the edit button. In fact, I just got done editing a post on Facebook. If you follow me, I don’t post negative things so what I said wasn’t negative. It was this…

“I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of waking up to notices in my email that I someone has sent me a payment.”

Then I edited it to this…

“I know I’ll never get tired of waking up to notices in my email that someone has sent me a payment.”

And finally, I edited it to this…

“I know I’ll always enjoy waking up to emails that say people have sent me money.”

Why so many changes? Because I always want to be sending out what I want more of. I practice creating what I want, which means not using words like don’t, because when I do I’m not actually putting out what I want. I had tired in there? Come on. I am full of energy. Even if it’s not about being physically tired, I don’t want it in there. I am always asking myself, “What do I want more of?” When I read the statements after someone had commented on them I realized I wasn’t speaking about what I wanted more of. Thus the final change which not only says what I want to say about the present, it also sets an intention about the future. This is always going to happen. It says Universe keep the money coming.

Facebook isn’t the only place I change the story. If ever I say something or hear words come out of myself in a conversation that I realize later don’t serve what I desire to create, I go back and correct the story.

Last week I did this twice. My friend asked me if I had met my first quarter goals. I immediately went to money. And I said, “I didn’t hit them like I wanted, but I did other things. I wrote a book, bought and sold a new property, etc.” When I got in the house I realized I did not like that story. Truth is I have hit my goals. Most of the money just doesn’t come in until the second quarter because of the way Money, Money, Money is structured. I hit my goals of the amount of people I wanted to have enrolled and I exceeded my goals for people joining my Champagne and Coffee coaching group. I totally hit my goals! And I text him once I’d thought about it and revised my answer to his question. Note: You’re allowed as many revisions as you need.

Again last week I found myself revising a story. A friend and I were Facebook messaging about some relationship stuff and a possible new person in my life right before I went to bed. When we finished, and I closed the computer, before my eyes shut, I felt that ugh feeling. What I told her is no longer my truth. Yes, the story is better than it has been in the past, but what I said to her still held particles of my old story, the one I’ve shed over the last two years. Before drifting off to sleep I rewrote the story in my mind.

When I woke up, the first thing I did was email my friend my revisions to our conversation. She said she already knew everything I had revised. I believe her. She is the person who sees me at my highest and best always. However, revising story made me feel better. It helped me to lock in the new story I’m living.
Our stories follow us. They also shape our futures. It’s important to be telling and retelling the story you want to be living. If you don’t want to be living it, don’t tell the story that makes it true.

At any given moment, you possess the power to revise your story, thus setting yourself on a new path.

Yes, YOU are that powerful. All you have to do is make a choice to start telling a different story or to revise the one you’ve been telling.

What story are you currently telling?
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