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Happy Ever After was realized in a Tuscan villa with flowers, an orange tree and an infinity pool. I had had my friends over who were all working on their business. It had been my dream for this to happen and I want my listeners to have that kind of realization as well.

But it’s not necessarily the money that came from doubling your business that allowed me to be on that amazing trip. I love it when I land on something I definitely dream of. My life is awesome all the time, but I do have moments when I say, “I dreamt this! I wanted this!” These moments are my favorites because I love the fact that I had the ability to create y dreams and make them manifest. What’s important to me is the impact of the financial gain once your business is doubled and I want to see you successful in that way also.

The traditional way of building a business likely got you to where you are right now, but it’s not likely to help you to easily double your business because the only way to double your business the traditional way is to double your hours and that isn’t going to leave time to enjoy the life that you’ve built. The traditional way is work harder. I don’t think this is true or at least, I believe there’s a better way, and this is what I’m teaching. For me, working harder doesn’t work if you don’t have anything left or if you don’t have anything more to give. By following the steps I’m outlining, you will have more time for life while working less. The key mantra is: I step into my dream life.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

● What would it look like if you doubled your business?
● Step into that vision to get clear about what this life will look like.
● Allow the path to appear.

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