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In this episode Cassie will talk about the two ways to get to Doubling Your Business. You might recognize of of these ways as the way you have been growing your business. Listen in as you learn both ways. Then you get to decide which of the two ways you will implement as you Double Your Business and Not Your Hours.

Show Timing: 

00:05 Show introduction

00:39 Cassie’s welcome

00:59 In this episode: The Quick Slow Way and The Slow Quick Way – What This Looks Like In Terms of Doubling Your Business

1:13 Recent reflections about traveling/being home and how the double your business program has affected these things.  

4:16 Mark your calendar for Sept 1 for Cassie’s next book, “Double Your Business” book which will be on Amazon.

4:21 4-part video series to walk you through all these steps to double your business without doubling your hours.  

4:35 There are two ways to get to Doubling Your Business

4:59 Homework from the last episode help you get really clear about what is not doubling your business costing you and what is success going to look like.

5:27 Opening up to 20 ways things could happen differently than you thought.

7:10 Your brain comes up with reasons why all these reasons won’t work. Note: This is normal.

7:38 Quick Slow Way – You are moving fast because you are busy doing things, trying to  make things happen.

8:21 You might think “OK, this has been fun but it is time to really ramp up and do this thing” and perhaps you are doing things without absolute clarity.

11:04 Clue: If you think it and want to go into action immediately, slow down and consider what the true outcome will be.

12:20 Slow Quick Way: This way doesn’t feel like you are moving fast because you are working on getting clear and stepping into your future self first.

13:26 Perhaps you don’t see all the possibilities because you are not slowed down enough to see them.

13:46 Pay attention to your intuition.

14:02 Everyone’s path will look different for them and hopefully you can listen to the little nudges that are directing you.  

14:34 The Slow Quick Way really seems to slow stuff down because you are taking deliberate action and stepping into your future self instead of just being busy.

15:24 Clarity: Definiteness of purpose

15:37 Another way to look at the Quick Slow Way is when you put something together without reading the directions.

16:41 If you did the Slow Quick Way you would have read the directions and gotten the project done quicker and in the right way.

17:35 In our business we want what doubling our business will give us so we go into action without slowing down to get clarity on if what we are doing is in alignment with where we are going.  

17:56 Example of a Realtor: Carrie’s Quick Slow Way includes sending out flyers, networking and a lot of busy work. The way will take double the hours to double her business (if at all) and in 30, 60, 90 days she’ll be more frustrated and more exhausted.

18:59 Slow Quick Way: Carrie slows down and gets clear about the life she wants when she has doubled her business and has a clear picture of what will be happening in her life. She’ll make adjustments and decisions through those eyes because now she is clear and not too busy. Carrie can then decide how to make strategic moves and adjust accordingly.

20:38 Carrie is going to be the person who has the business she wants when she slows down and takes the time to get really clear about what that life looks like and in terms of how she wants her lifestyle as well as what impact that income has on her life.

21:03 When Carrie is that person, she’ll see things come to her. The path will appear to her, people will refer or she’ll stumble into a huge referral source, or she’ll get an offer the sole realtor on a huge new-build project. The path appears without more effort to make it happen.

21:37 Which sounds better to you the Quick Slow Way or the Slow Quick Way? It is your decision.

23:00 Repeat this process to get more clarity and grow into clarity on this. This is an ongoing process.

24:10 Perhaps you might need to be more selective on who you’ll work with. Make the choice for you.

35:40 Excited about my new book.

26:03 Mantra: I am open to easy. Practice this as it feels good. This might take some practice. Do so as it feels good.

26:39 You can take the Double Your Business Course at

26:48 Closing of the Show

27:11 End

What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • Quick Slow Way – busy doing all kinds of things to Double Your Business
  • Slow Quick Way – this way seems much slower as you actually take time to get clear and then take deliberate, planned out actions that are in alignment with your goal to Double Your Business.
  • Hear multiple examples of the Quick Slow Way and the Slow Quick Way.
  • Mantra for this episode


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