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Cassie shares how the Slow Quick way of doubling your business without doubling your hours is easier than the Quick Slow way.  


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00:01 Show Introduction

00:37 Cassie’s Welcome

1:00 Steps to doubling your business the Slow Quick Way without doubling your hours

2:09 Stepping into easy and hiring of a stylist

4:20 Doubling Your Business book will be available on Amazon as of Sept 1, 2016

4:31 Created a 4-part video course that will walk you through the steps to doubling your business without doubling the hours at

4:55 The overview steps of the Slow Quick Way to double  your business

5:50 Make more money and making more of an impact in the world and I had tried the Quick Slow way before this

7:23 Open to new ways to see what was missing

8:37 The path shows up differently for everyone and you don’t know how it is going to show up.

9:28 Step One: Set an income intention to open up the process and let it unfold vs setting a goal.

11:15 Step Two: Create your future budget which gives you a clearer vision and a pathway for your money flow to.

12:59 Step Three: Analyze your budget and who you have grown into as a person.

13:59 Step Four: Meet your future self and seeing who you actually are.

15:18 Step Five: Mirror your life with that future person.

17:37 Learn to tap into the physical experiences of your future life.

18:10 Carrie, Realtor, is desperate and wanting to double her business. People feel like they want to not work with her as much because of her desperation. Perhaps people turn and run.

19:20 Become a magnet for the people that are going to help you get to the next level of your experience and the path will appear and you are not repelling income/clients.

20:50 Going deeper in your experiences and the entire process.

23:53 Mantra: I allow my intuition to guide me.

24:46 Slow close

25:12 End


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  • The Slow Quick Way Process Steps 1-5
  • Mantra for this episode

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