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The next two steps in doubling your business without the hours is 1)mirror your future, and 2)step into your future self. Cassie will show you explain why this important if you want to double your income without doubling your hours.

Show Timing:

00:05 Show Introduction

00:41 Cassie’s Introduction

00:55 Double Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours: Next 2 Steps 1) Mirror Your Future Self 2) Step Into Your Future Self

1:11 Do all steps in order and if you need to go back and do the past steps

1:29 FREE Double Your Business with Cassie Video Series

2:00 Relish in the experience of success because of having gone through the process

4:32 Double Your Business Book on Amazon is available and thank you for downloads and reviews

5:40 Mirroring your future self

6:06 Invest in something your future self would have

7:36 Your future self lives in your home and what you focus on expands

9:32 Vision board collage

11:29 Analyze the snapshot of current and future lives

12:19 Appreciate the things that are in both lives

12:47 Determine what isn’t in your life yet

13:25 List how you can get more of those things that aren’t there yet

14:02 Quicker and easier way

14:14 How to get your current life to look like your future life

15:22 Step into your future life by engaging with experience and feelings

16:28 Feel into your future life

18:37 Things will show up that fit into your future life

19:19 Tap into your future life now

20:40 Carrie, The Realtor example

21:53 Come from your future self

23:03 Client success

23:36 The path will appear

24:05 Manifest 10K group and book

25:00 Start receiving your life by following the steps

26:30 Mantra

26:50 Closing of the call

27:16 End

What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • How to create your future life quicker and easier.
  • Mantra for this episode

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