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“I want to write a book” is something Cassie hears all the time from clients. Cassie will guide you through if now is the right time for that so you can double your income without doubling your hours.

Show Timing:

00:05 Show Introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks introduction

00:58 Doubling Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours so enjoy the life you have built.

1:08 Writing A Book – when does it make sense, should you/shouldn’t you?

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2:00 Manifest 10K Course’s client, Maggie, manifested $20K in the form of a new job opportunity. This allowed more time, more freedom and more like-minded people.

2:55 In the process of celebrating by doing a photoshoot which you can see on my Facebook page

3:03 Celebrating the success of others, through an online magazine with all the stories. Loved doing this for one of my clients.

3:57 Red carpet treatment

4:50 If you love this podcast grab your copy of The “Double Your Business” book is available on Amazon

5:00 Free 4-part video course at

5:26 “I want to write a best-selling book”

5:58 Clarity: Why do you want a book? What is that book going to do? What are you doing to do with the book? Is the book in your head going to lead to you having the business and life you want? Where do you want to get to?

6:57 Perception is that a book will make you successful.

7:23 Publisher information at, Difference Press

7:53 Pre-discussion about the process of writing a book

8:16 Why do you want a book?

9:24 Write a book to make money but not speak or coach about your topic. Imagine yourself as a writer.

10:23 Write a book to make money you want to ask is it the book or do you want to impact people’s lives?

11:40 The Author Incubator

12:30 What are the results of the people they are publishing?

13:13 Make an investment to earn your money back.

14:05 Here is the truth – be clear or you take yourself off track

15:27 Clear about who you are and what you do because you can build a business around the wrong thing. You might have just added time to getting to your true destination.

16:05 Be in alignment.

17:00 Is this the right time? Is this the right topic?

17:17 What is the life you are creating?

17:27 When the idea is inspired it is absolutely right. It was inspired, quiet and whisper that this is the next step.

18:30 Sometimes there is a path.

19:57 Important before you jump into the process that you know it is right because you are committing to that path.

20:53 Knew what I wanted the book to do but something was missing – the ideal reader.

22:20 Some books don’t land with readers – speaking to your ideal reader is a skill set that can be learned.

25:00 You’ll get the whisper for the right time

25:54 Feedback
26:10 Mantra: I am focused on the life.

26:50 Closing of the call

27:14 End

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  • How to navigate through this process when things come up.
  • Mantra for this episode

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