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Learn from Cassie how you can use her system of attracting money into your life. It can show up in 3 distinct ways!

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00:05 Show Introduction

00:35 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:42 Money manifesting and welcoming more into your life so you can be more successful in business

1:00 If you have hangups about allowing money into your life it will create problems in your business

1:30 How money manifests into your life

1:53 Love to share money manifesting stories

2:20 Money is constantly flowing in

3:05 My new fiction novela, Choose Me, hit #1 last week on Amazon, let me know what you think and share it with those that you think could benefit from reading it and thank you to everyone who support it last week

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7:31 How Money Manifests: 3 categories 1)Always Possible But Unlikely 2) Totally Magical 3) Winning

8:16 Money can manifest in a combination of ways

8:30 Sometimes people are not paying attention

8:43 Always possible but unlikely: Employee example

9:00 How does an employee manifest more money?

9:22 Thinking/worrying about the how.

10:17 Doesn’t matter if an entrepreneur or an employee, money can find it’s way into your life if you welcome it

11:05 How can it just happen to an employee? Christine got a promotion and a $20K raise out of the blue

12:00 Go for more than $10,000 very likely you’ll get more

12:43 I want a 20% raise! Got 5% but 6 months later, I was offered a promotion and a raise over $10K

13:54 Stay focused on what is taught in the Manifest 10K course and Manifest $10,000

15:00 Nan’s story: Going for $100K

16:00 It is not working I must be doing something wrong, focus on money and abundance and not focusing on lack and got a $10K check and made more money

17:02 You might get a new job or an unexpected check

17:15 Focus on the money and it shows up

17:40 When you change, everything changes

17:47 Jill Angie, Not Your Average Runner took Manifest 10K and had amazing t-shirts for her tribe of amazing women

18:48 5 days into the course, got an email from someone that wanted to be her t-shirt supplier (doubled her money) and this supplier will do more of the work; money can show up in so many forms

20:03 Money can come to you

20:56 Sasha was a money hot-mess to good instincts and courageously to act on her own behalf

21:53 Taking the course I realized I have everything I want and need; mental mindshift.

22:56 $4800 on house remodel saved because he was easy to work with

22:46 Family never helped out before and the family sent them $6,000

24:20 Totally Magical: unexpected and here you go

24:52 Winning: Casino winner story

25:42 Roll out your welcome mat and it can come in some forms of all ways

25:58 Laura manifested $10,000 in the course and it came in all different ways for her – count everything

26:57 New clients and open up to allow money to come in

27:21 Doubled her business story: directed to the shortcut when your money mindset is right

27:49 Mantra: I allow money to find me

28:25 Show Closing

28:50 End

What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • Learn the 3 ways money can show up
  • Hear stories that show evidence of attracting money
  • Learn about Manifest $10,000 book, Manifest 10K Course
  • Learn about the new novela, Choose Me

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