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Listen to part two of this topic from Cassie why manifesting doesn’t come quickly and easily. Learn to shift your focus on who you are being and be really clear so that you can manifest more money.

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00:05 Show introduction

00:36 Cassie Parks introduction

00:45 On May 16, 2017, the Manifest $10,000 book will be in bookstores.

1:07 Being your own advocate

1:47 Why money doesn’t manifest quickly and easily

2:30 How to be aware and shift your focus to where it should be

3:30 Keep implementing and moving forward in what works

4:30 Having a business that lets you work anywhere

5:20 Grab a pre-ordered copy of Manifest $10,000 and receive a complimentary signed copy.

6:45 Thank you shout out

7:10 If you get the book and manifest money, share your story!

8:24 When you can become aware that you’re giving attention to something you don’t need, you can stop it

8:50 The key is where your focus goes

9:20 Reason one to why you aren’t manifesting money: Do what’s on your list because you want to become the person who welcomes more

11:10 What you’re doing is about what you’re being

11:35 Doing less with intention gets your more

12:00 Spend 24/7 being focused on the person who brings in more money

13:00 You get what you’re being

13:50 Appreciate what’s in front of you

14:18 Join the Manifest 10K Course

14:50 Reason two as to why you aren’t manifesting money: not being clear about what’s wanted

16:10 Be clear on the amount of money you want to manifest

17:00 Don’t ask for an amount that’s too big for your brain to comprehend.

17:45 $10,000 to $50,000 is what most people need to truly change their life.

30:25 Thank you for being here

30:30 Today’s Mantra: I love money

30:39 End

What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • Learn how to be aware and shift your focus to where it should be
  • Get clear on how much money you want to manifest
  • Learn about Manifest $10,000 book, Manifest 10K Course

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