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Learn from Cassie how to manifest $10,000 in 90 days by mastering abundance feelings so that you can attract the money you desire.

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00:05 Show introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks introduction

00:45 I know you are listening because you want to welcome more money into your life without struggle so you can build your business easier and quicker

1:01 Quick and easy has to do with being able to allow money into your life and stepping in when you are welcoming money

1:20 What I do through Manifest $10,000 and Manifest 10K is teach you how to roll out the red carpet so money can show up in your life because it will show up if you welcome it.

1:58 Part of creating the environment where money shows up is your thoughts and feelings about money.

2:45 The 2nd step in manifesting money

2:52 Trip to Dallas to record a training for eWomenNetwork non-profits on budgeting for attraction

3:07 Money Mindset for Champagne Life is where I talk about budgeting for attraction

3:11 In Double Your Business I teach this process and in this case, this is where I can show up and helping non-profits and be empowered to attract money in the same way I empower you as an individual and entrepreneur

5:03 Celebrating the freedom I have from my corporate job and now I have choice

7:43 Abundance feelings – freedom is key for me.

7:55 If you are loving this season of the podcast, I’d love it if you got my book Manifest $10,000 for $14.95 online

9:20 The more I look back, the more I see I was always doing the process and stepped into my future self but back then I did not have the words for it, it is something I did and fumbled through

9:53 My future self had a money mindset that allowed money to come in quickly and easily and not work so hard

10:47 Hard work meant no freedom to me and to not have someone else in control of my time

11:48 If loving this podcast, go to and click on any of the links for your favorite retailer, pre-order the book and enter your receipt and I’ll send you a free one. This offer is only good for a few more weeks/episodes.

11:58 I ran out, so if you ordered recently, I am waiting to get them and they’ll be on their way as soon as they arrive.

12:44 Step 2 in manifesting money: Identify your abundance feelings.

13:06 What is an abundance feeling?

13:20 If you have $10,000 in your bank account 90 days from now, how are you going to feel?

13:35 It is not what is going to happen, it is how you feel when you are tapped into the emotion.

13:57 Identifying your feelings is something people skip over in Manifest10K

14:04 If you want step by step daily steps you can go to and register. It is pay after you manifest

14:30 Step 1: Clarity. Get clear on what you are going to do with the money

14:50 We are never taught the time to get clear or to get a clear picture to define all the parts

15:18 I want to be on Oprah – great intention and great goal

15:40 Different things define my success – like helping people

16:13 I am more clear that I am supposed to help people and to change their life

16:27 Make sure you are clear on your big picture life not just moments where you might glance in, like being on Oprah

17:20 Get clear when you manifest $10,000

18:10 Once you are clear where all the money is going, you are going to identify 1 to 3 abundance feelings that you will feel when that list is a reality

18:55 You often walk around not feeling this way, perhaps you are worrying or wondering how it is going to happen

19:20 You have to be able to tap into those feelings now

19:58 Talked to other coaches and people want to have more feelings, because we think more is better and this is not true

20:30 Activating 3 feelings consciously is more powerful because you can’t activate 10 feelings all at once

20:54 Concentrated focus is so much better

21:07 Honestly how you are going to feel

21:34 We feel feeling that are not actually emotions they are a mixture of thinking/feeling.

22:04 Feelings create an emotion, a good test is can you act it out

22:35 Make sure you feelings are feelings because if not feelings, it is hard to tap into them

22:51 You have to be able to activate these

23:36 Activate them on a daily basis

23:46 Write down a list of 10 ways you can activate each feeling because then you can go do it without spending money or making big plans for

24:14 I activate free by taking Wednesdays off because I needed to feel that I had time and space

25:09 I watched an episode of Friends in the day time and I had an abundance of time.

26:11 Made myself go feel free

26:50 You can’t ask someone else how to activate your feelings

27:27 Find what is unique to you

27:38 Keep asking, “How can I activate ______.”

28:38 You have maybe not felt this way and so it important to recognize where you are at and give yourself the time and space to figure that out.

29:10 Stories – someone wanted to identify one feeling that would describe how she’d feel after manifesting $10,000 but she didn’t want to write down the word, confidence, because she didn’t know how to feel that way now

29:50 Go with the feeling you are going to feel

30:00 Keep asking how you can activate it and opening the line of communication with yourself

30:35 Activating your 1-3 abundance feelings needs to be purposeful

31:58 Staying tapped into that feeling is welcoming more money into my life

32:11 Speaking of feeling abundance I’ll share the bank story: transferring $5,000 and the banker put in $5,000,000 and I took that as evidence

32:44 Keep track of those things showing up whether real money or things like my bank story

33:21 This Week’s Mantra: I follow my feel good to more money

34:11 Show closing

34:38 End


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  • Learn how mastering abundance feelings can help you manifest $10,000 in 90 days.
  • Learn about the Manifest 10K course.
  • Learn about the Manifest $10,000 book

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