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Learn from Cassie the next step in the money manifesting process of changing your money beliefs so that you can manifest $10,000 in 90 days.

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00:05 Show introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks introduction

1:00 I love hearing from you and where I go with you (on your run, in the AM)

1:12 Change your money mindset

1:15 I know you are listening because you want to welcome more money into your life without struggle so you can build your business quicker and easier

1:24 Creating new money beliefs – if you haven’t been successful in updating your money beliefs, I have the answer as to why

1:38 The book Manifest $10,000 will be in bookstores May 16th, that is why we are doing this season

1:56 This podcast is for you the entrepreneur who wants their business and life to create their happy ever after

2:22 I struggled for 9  years building my business but I feel like I have figured it out, though there is always something to learn

2:30 Money mindset makes all the difference

2:42 I love how my life looks – 1)I know how to what is best for my clients 2)know how to ask for commitments up front now 3)create together 4)have total confidence now

4:45 If you love this season of the podcast, please go to your favorite online bookstore and order it now, it will get to you soon, and please feel free to email me and tell me that you bought it – thank you for your pre-orders

5:33 If you took advantage of the buy one get one offer I have done since January, you’ll be getting some emails soon about being on the voluntary launch team

6:22 If you want to participate but did not take advantage of the pre-order but want to participate email me and I’ll pass that onto my assistant and we’ll make sure you get included in that group\

6:48 Step 5: Creating new money beliefs

6:59 Most people decide they want to change their money situation, they first attack their money beliefs and try to change it

7:43 Start looking for negative beliefs and flip those around

8:12 You don’t have to be aware of beliefs to shift them or attract more abundance

8:38 When you step into abundance you do the steps that are in the Manifest 10K course, you become aware of those beliefs that might be getting in the way

8:48 When you dig them up, you dig up beliefs that are not positive

8:56 Money is not for everyone. Money is hard to get. Money is unfair. Wealth is a constant battle. Wealth is hard. Rich people are lucky. Rich people are hard workers.

9:20 Those were the beliefs I had, but these didn’t give me any information and I had a lot of those beliefs for a long time and I kept trying to shift those beliefs over and over again.

10:17 This taught me that I could gain a little but hit a block or plateau, so I’d come back and look at my beliefs again

12:07 All I was doing was find a belief and try to change it, but not 100% different

13:00 Make $100,000 story – work really hard and most people will never get there

15:17 Beliefs came back to this conversation and kept coming back to the same place

16:07 A time came when I choose to have to choose new beliefs I wanted instead of trying to fix the past and current version of beliefs

17:05 What money beliefs do I want to have?

17:15 You can step into those new beliefs and open to a new level of abundance

17:19 Anytime I wanted to open to a greater level of abundance, I would ask myself what do I want to believe about money and what does the person who has the next level of abundance believe about money and how can I step into that belief instead of fix the beliefs in me

18:00 Choose beliefs and start engaging them

18:04 Totally different than fixing beliefs

18:37 Choose what the new story or belief is going to be

19:20 What do you want your money beliefs to be? What are the beliefs that would support the next level of abundance you want?

20:08 Find the evidence that supports that in the moment – go looking for it

20:53 Start choosing money beliefs around day 30 in Manifest 10K course so you have time to work on abundance, having fun with money, seeing money, opening up possibility channels before you go choose new money beliefs

21:24 Then when elevated your place, you have a better vantage point

21:44 From that new place, choose new money beliefs

23:00 Choose based on what you want your beliefs to be from a place that feels good

24:25 Create money manifesting momentum and choose beliefs that support that next level of abundance

26:13 Manifest 10K course participant story: “In 2-3 weeks, you have changed my life”. She had an extra $800 at the end of the month and there is no reason.

27:51 Mantra: I choose my beliefs.

28:15 Show close

28:39 End

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  • Learn how to change your money beliefs
  • Learn about the Manifest 10K course.
  • Learn about the Manifest $10,000 book

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