A few months ago I started working my money mojo in the $10,000 range, because I was prepping for Million Dollar May (100 people all focused on manifesting $10,000). When I started working this a condo came on the market that was a good deal and based on the information I had at the time would rent for a good amount. I didn’t think I could find a way to buy it, but I felt like I wanted to. It just so happened that something worked out so that I could buy it. It felt like attraction at it’s best.

As we went along in the process I didn’t feel stellar about the place, but I also couldn’t let go. It’s not like me to stick with something that doesn’t feel awesome, but there was always something inside me saying to keep going. So, I did.

When I got the place and listed it for rent, it didn’t rent for what I thought it would rent for. In fact, the estimate I got from the property manager was way less. It’s not a huge deal because even at the lower price I was still making 30% on the money I put down. That’s still awesome.

There were a lot of moving parts to this process. Because I was getting this place and I had put an offer on my dream home, I decided to sell another place. Based on the Denver market that place should have flown off the market. For whatever reason (although I know now) it didn’t.

After two months of that place not selling and almost a month of the new place not renting, I was feeling scared that things weren’t going to work out. I was anxious because both places were empty and money wasn’t coming in. Those feelings aren’t good for your money vibe.

How did I turn it around?

Forgiveness first.

I sat down and forgave myself for not listening to my gut when I knew I should probably not buy the new place, along with four pages of other things that needed to be forgiven.

After forgiving myself for all these things, I felt lighter. There was space and breathing room.

Then it hit me…the market is hot enough in Denver I could just sell it and make enough to cover my expenses for buying it. Viola!

When you forgive yourself, you open up the space for the answers you’re seeking to be seen and heard.

Next step: create a new story.

After I had forgiven myself and had a new plan, it was time to start telling a different story.

You will keep living the same story for as long as you keep telling it.

The key to getting somewhere new is to start telling a different story. I had been telling myself I made a mistake and that I didn’t listen to my instincts. I was telling myself I was worried. I was feeling guilty and anxious.

The new story: My gut was telling me to keep going with the place so that I could make money off of it. This is how I would manifest my $10,000 for the program and it would be a great story to tell everyone and it’s a great way to show that manifesting happens in mysterious ways, but if we just keep following the train it happens for us. I started saying how buying this place and the thought of the money it was going to bring in really helped open the space to buying my dream home. I wasn’t ready to take on the bigger financial commitment but the thought of the extra money from this place really opened that reality up for me. Going through the 1031 exchange process really set me up to understand it for next time I need to do. This process is going to help me make better decisions in the future when they really count. I am so grateful I bought this house because the extra money I received from it (more than $10,000) was what I used to update my new home and I got to do it quicker than I thought I would. That was such a blessing because it made everything easier and I got to enjoy the new feeling of my home sooner. I love it. I am so appreciative that I did listen to my gut when it said keep going. It was so easy. I love everything about how everything worked out. When I come home and walk on my new carpet I appreciate how everything unfolded. I love how the Universe was able to deliver more than my $10,000 in such a unique way. Everything about what I do is fabulous. Everything always works out better than expected.

Changing the story you tell changes how everything unfolds. When you tell the story that everything works out better than expected, it does. The key is to keep practicing your new story until it doesn’t feel new anymore.

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