A few months ago in my Money, Money, Money course I started helping people identify their, “It would change my life amount.” This is the amount of money that would change your life in an instant. Most people if you asked them the question would say a million dollars or ten million dollars. If you really think about it, probably a lot less would change your life in a BIG way.

Have you ever thought about what the amount really is? When I walked people through this exercise in the group, the average amount that would totally change someone’s life was about $30,000. For some people it was $20,000 and for some it was more like $50,000.

Take a second and think about this…what feels easiest and most possible, manifesting $1,000,000 or manifesting $50,000? I’m guessing $50,000 feels a lot easier and definitely more possible.

Here’s what I’ve found about manifesting money. If you start by manifesting smaller amounts then you build up your manifesting muscles and it gets easier and easier to manifest more and more money.