Originally posted on Loving Yourself University…

You’re not loving yourself if others don’t recognize your value.

If others don’t recognize your value, especially in relationship, there’s a good chance you don’t either.  The people in our lives are a mirror. When we love and appreciate ourselves, they mirror that back. When we don’t love and appreciate ourselves, neither do the people in our lives. They may love you, but they won’t truly appreciate you until you truly appreciate yourself.

Where do you feel unappreciated? Work? Home? With your significant other? You might say, but I work REALLY hard.  And that’s probably true. Working hard without appreciating yourself won’t add up to others appreciating you. In face it can lead to less appreciation. Working hard, but not appreciating yourself or acknowledging your value causes you to work harder to “prove” yourself. You have to “prove” yourself because deep down you don’t believe you’re worth it.

The harder you work to “prove” yourself, the bigger the sign on your forehead gets that says, “I’m not worthy”.  Granted it’s not a real sign, but energetically, there is a BIG sign that says that.  Have you ever met someone (or maybe you know they’re sitting in your chair) who the harder they worked, the worse they seemed to be treated? That’s because energetically the harder they worked, the bigger the, “I’m not worthy” energetic sign grew on their forehead.

Is it time to replace the “I’m not worthy” sign with one that says, “I am worthy”?