If you don’t listen to your intuition, you’re not loving yourself. Your intuition is your inner guidance. It’s your most honest voice. It’s you at your core. When you ignore it, you’re ignoring you at your very core.

You know what I’m talking about. Your gut says don’t go there, or don’t do that, say no to that event and you don’t listen and it turns out to be a disaster. Or worse, you have a nagging feeling inside you to do something, say yes to something and you ignore it.  This is worse, because your soul is calling you to do something and you’re letting it go straight to voice mail.

The sad part is, eventually your soul stops speaking to you. Why should it keep talking if you’re not listening? This is when you get a huge disconnected feeling.  If you’ve ever felt disconnected there is a good chance you can trace back and find out when you stopped listening to your inner guidance.

The good news is, one quick way to start loving yourself again is to start listening to your intuition. Open yourself up to hear your own voice again. Allow it to get louder and louder. Honor it. Follow it.  Love it.