Are You Frustrated With The Law of Attraction?

I’ll show you how I have helped my clients learn how to effectively use the Law of Attraction.

From the desk of Cassie Parks. 

Dear friend,

For years now, we’ve been hearing about how easy it is to attract money, health and wealth using the LOA …

You’ve probably bought books and training videos that make it all look so simple.

“Ask. Believe. Receive.”

Well, technically yes, it is that simple…

But how do you ask? How do you FULLY believe? And how do you receive if you can’t figure out how to do the first two steps?

Most people try the techniques they read about once or twice, and give up.

They become frustrated because they don’t know how to convert what they’ve just learned into practical and actionable steps.

You’re Not Alone. 

There are thousands-upon-thousands of men and women just like you who feel like they’re stuck.

Who feel overwhelmed with the amount of information they’ve consumed.

They try to do 50 things a day, but nothing works.

If you can relate to this feeling I have the solution. 

I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to manifest $10k in 90 days so that you can go buy that new laptop… or take that trip you’ve been planning… or just take a few days off because you have the extra income to do so.

I’ve mastered the Law Of Attraction and I want to teach you the simple secrets to manifesting money faster. You deserve the extra income to splurge once in awhile.

Live Your Ideal Life.

I used to have a corporate job that demanded every minute of my time, and although it paid well, I felt that I wasn’t moving forward. I wasn’t living my ideal life.

Now I work for myself. I relax knowing that large amounts of money are constantly flowing my way… and I get to take time off to relax by the pool with a book and glass of champagne.

I only spend about 20 minutes a day on my manifesting ritual, and money flows to me easily.

My so-called “work” doesn’t feel like work at all. I was able to leave my corporate job and attract multiple six-figures.

I’m not telling you this to brag. But I want you to see what’s possible.

If I can do it, then YOU can too!

It all stems from my ability to manifest money using a very specific technique (it’s easy too!)

A Chance To Relax A Little

This is an opportunity to learn a financially valuable skill that will quickly take away any monetary worries you may have.

But the best part is you can use this new skill to attract anything. It’s not only used for money.

“I participated in this program and got a job, free things, discounts and so much more. I don’t think there was a coincidence. I was happy to pay my way for this fun and easy method”.


“I manifested additional income in the first month, but more importantly I have further shifted my mindset around money and abundance.”


Once you have this skill, you can do and accomplish anything.

It’s that powerful.

All you need to achieve success is your beautiful mind, a little work ethic, and 20 minutes a day.

You’ve already tried to do it yourself and it hasn’t worked, right?

You know the “what” but you need help with the “how”… I’ll show you how to easily manifest $10,000 in the next 90 days.

Is This for You?

But first, is this opportunity for you?

That’s pretty easy to determine …

If you’ve ever wanted to make a little extra money to splurge on a trip, new shoes or a much needed new sofa… then the Manifest $10K course would be perfect for you.

Or if you just feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your business and you want to take it one step further by getting 2 or 3 more clients, and you need some inspiration to do so, then this is a good opportunity for you.

“I am LOVING the Manifest $10K course so much, it’s really the best course I have ever taken. I love the layout of it and I absolutely love your stories at the beginning of each e-mail — those stories alone get me into this great money vibe every day.”


Learn the Same Secrets That Helped Others Attract $100K

Once you understand how to apply everything you’ve learned to attract $10K easily, the sky is the limit!

Once you understand the power of the Law of Attraction – and come to learn the secrets of unleashing it in your own business – you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars and more.

That is not a pipe dream. It’s a fact.

I know people who are doing it.

“In the last few years, my husband and I have made some investments. LONG shot investments that would maybe pay out…sometime. Or not. You know that kind, right? Well, this week we found out that TWO of them came through to the tune of about $50K EACH. I mean…that’s nuts! So I said I would manifest $100K in 90 days and it all came through in a week. I’d say it’s crazy, but I’m learning it’s just the power of focus.”


Now, keep in mind that this client had planted her “seeds” a few years prior to making a return on investment. But by productively focusing her energy she was able to reap the rewards faster.

Everything You Need to Know

I have not only uncovered the secrets to productively focusing your manifesting energy, but have also managed to put them together in an easy to follow program.

In the Manifest $10K program you get:

1. Access to the Exclusive Facebook group where you get daily support in your journey from fellow money manifestors. We’ll MAKE SURE you stick to your schedule.

2. Daily emails for 28 days that will give you simple daily tasks to complete. This will break down your journey into easy and actionable steps that will supercharge your energetic focus on money.

3. Support emails for the next 90 days that will ensure your continued growth in wealth. You have to continue your routine even when you’re doing well. Not just during the slow times.

4. Access to over 40 hours of recordings that will help you take action TODAY. You’ll learn exactly what you’ve been doing wrong, and how to manifest money the RIGHT way so that those Benjamin’s chase you down like a cheetah after a gazelle (You’re the gazelle in this situation).

Then pay 10% of what you manifest. 

Simply put, I Succeed When You Succeed.

Give the Manifest $10K program a try. I promise you that it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

You can do it for the money, yes.

But, more importantly, you should do it for yourself.

“My money manifesting journey has been beyond wonderful! I have manifested just over $6800 so far! I’ve been using the gambling arena even though I have been open to ANY way of manifesting money. It just so happens that I’ve been manifesting almost all of it via gambling and spending very little to do it. In fact, the $6800 is my net winning…And I LOVE IT!”

Aaron Matlock

The most important investment you can make is in yourself.

Imagine having the extra income to travel like you’ve always wanted … to buy that new purse… or to buy your kids the new PS4 they’ve been bugging you for.

Why Now?

Here’s why now is the ideal time to see if the Manifest $10K Program is right for you.

For a limited time you can start now and simply pay 10% of whatever extra you manifest in 90 days.

This type of program usually sells for $1000 or more … and giving you access to get started now.

“When I found the Manifest 10K Facebook group I jumped in because I figured…if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t cost me anything. From day 1, as I performed each daily task, I felt myself becoming more focused to the concept of manifesting 10K. When I reached the 10K…..I was so shocked that I could accomplish this. It meant that I could accomplish anything I focused on with intention.”


You’ll get complete access to everything you need to start manifesting $10,000 in the next 90 days.

Take that time to look through the program … start the learning process … and start attracting that extra money you want.

When you start attracting the $10,000 that I predict you will make (if not more)…. I only ask that you pay me 10% … That means that you only pay for the course when you are successful!

It’s risk free.

You’re only putting your time on the line … this is a no brainer offer.

What Should I Do Next?

So if you’re ready to start manifesting some extra money to for those little extras you’ve had your eye on … sign up for the Manifest $10K course now.

This is a very special “Test-Drive” offer.

Remember, there’s no risk because you’re only paying 10% of whatever extra you manifest during my course (90 days).

Give it a try. What do you have to lose?


Cassie Parks

LOA Lifestyle Design Coach

Spiral Up LLC 

“I manifested $14K by appealing an IRS audit. I focused on how much I legitimately thought I owed. When the final paperwork came back, my manifestation target was within $67. Thank you so much Cassie!”


P.S. If you want to manifest $10,000 in the next 90 days… but you don’t know how to make the LOA work for you … sign up for the Manifest $10K course today. You’ve already tried to do it yourself but feel frustrated. I will show you EXACTLY how to do it step-by-step.