Here’s a little inspiration to Love Yourself for anyone who needs it.

About 7 months ago a friend and I started going to a particular yoga studio. My favorite yoga class is 9:15pm candle light yoga.  Because she is an awesome friend and I was on her way, she’d pick me up. The yoga studio is on a one way street. When you leave you go to the next block and make two lefts to get onto the one way street going the other way. When you make the second turn you travel down a beautiful eclectic Denver street lined with houses and a converted church from the 1900s. The old porches are beautiful at night. Driving down that street you have a clear view of the city. It’s wonderful. I remember thinking to myself I would love to own house on this street…

Tonight, as I left 9:15pm candle light yoga my favorite teacher told me how all my poses were improving. I smiled as I got in the car. I drove down to the end of the block made a left and sat at the red light for a moment. When the light turned green, I turned onto MY street. A block down is my new house. I closed on it this past Friday. It’s literally a block away from the yoga studio.

To say this house manifested easily is an understatement.  It practically fell in my lap. The price and set up was a no brainer. It seals my financial freedom plan and most important, I love it! I assure you, this house is a product of deep self love.  The more you love yourself, the more magic happens. This house is magic!