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Loving yourself, as I’ve said before, is the magic. When you combine this magic with trust in the Universe it gets even better. This is a true story. ..

Last weekend a group of us took a friend out for her birthday. We went to a rather expensive restaurant. We enjoyed happy hour before moving into a private dining room, so my friend, my sister and I were quite full by the time it came to dinner.

The three of us ordered salads and a side dish, while others ordered entrees.  There was some drinking going on, so when the bill came it was suggested we just split it 8 ways. It wasn’t vicious or intentional, but the people who suggested this missed the fact that splitting the bill that way wasn’t exactly fair.   We didn’t want to say anything.  So, I paid for two people and my sister and my friend split the cost of one person ($86).

Paying $172 for a night out was not something I had intended to do. In fact, when I ordered I very consciously chose my meal so I would not be paying this much for dinner.  The other two I was with did this as well. As we walked home, my friend tried to get me to take more money and said I didn’t have to cover them. It was my choice to cover them. Spending the extra money hurt my wallet a lot less then it did theirs and I was fine with that. I told them I trusted the Universe to bring the money back to me.

Three days later, I checked my bank account and the amount processed at the restaurant was only $130.  I signed the slip for $172.  There is no other explanation, except the Universe took care of it for me.  Had we split the bill up correctly, including tip and happy hour, I probably spent right about $130.  Trusting yourself, and loving yourself enough to know you’re worth being taken care of only leads to good things.