Your story means everything. Story is the theme of this week in my life. In my year long coaching group I challenged them to let go of the little stories that aren’t serving them anymore. The participant in my virtual Script Your Dream Life Story Workshop changed her story from “My business is hard” to having 5 people register for her year long program the day after we finished. She experienced her first 4 figure business day because she changed the story she living.

Details matter. Whether it’s performing in an Improv show or creating a new story that leads to your first 4 figure day in business. Details give clear instructions to yourself and the Universe. Have you ever tried to put something that looked simple together and there were three pages of instruction? Because details matter.

This week my Improv team performed the first show in a 12 week run. In this show each person is the same character throughout the whole 12 weeks. We all picked our names, where we’re from, and few details about us. After the show more than one of us commented how easy it becomes to perform when you choose the simple details. In Improv it doesn’t even matter if you know why. Picking the street your grew up on, the name of your hometown, your age, if your married all start to create a character back story that almost fills in itself. And not just for the person playing the character. Those details magically let all the other characters in on your story too.

My character is Julie. She lives in Ball, Michigan (which is totally made up because I forgot to look up towns in Michigan before going to the show), she’s 29. She’s married. She joined the Reel World (that’s the name of our show) because she wants to do something amazing before she turns 30. All of those were the details I shared with the other characters.

The secret detail is that my character is questioning her marriage and her husband. When I answered questions to my fellow characters I never said that detail out loud. However, I had created that detail. Because it was the first show we had a few drinks in character to get to know each other prior to performing. It only took 5 minutes of talking to another character for that character to sense that Julie was unhappy in her marriage.

This is the same thing that happens in real life. If part of your story is that you are secretly scared you are not good enough at what you do, people will figure that out. If part of your story says I don’t deserve to be treated with respect, people will pick up on that. This is why changing the details of your story, can instantly change your life.

Real Life Proof: This week I held a virtual Script Your Dream Life Story workshop for one participant. We changed the details of her story, which included “my business is hard” and “I don’t have what people need.” The results, the day after we completed the program, are 5 new people enrolled in her year long program and her first 4 figure day in business. None of this was even on the radar screen when we started. The magic truly is in the details.

For me, the virtual SYDLS workshop was a way to support a friend and iron out any kinks I might have in my program before running it live. I honestly didn’t think I would ever do it virtually again. In fact, I told some of you I wouldn’t do it again. However, if you are reading this and thinking, “I have to change the details of my story” or “I’m ready for it to be easier” I have good news. I am going to run this virtually for those of you that said you wanted the opportunity to do it virtually and for those of you who need to write your new story sooner rather than later.

If you feel the workshop calling you, click here to schedule an admission session.